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Eastman Farm is a classic hill farm located in Barnard, Vermont. When we began farming, we dedicated ourselves to building soil fertility. We believe a vibrant topsoil, full of a rich diversity of life, is key to farm productivity. When properly grazed, the grasses that grow in the midst of such life have deeper roots, resist droughts and pass on more energy to animals.


Our family reintroduced animals to the farm in 2007. We specialize in a pure line of hardy, 100% Grass-fed and Finished Belted Galloway cattle and heritage Breed Mangalitsa pigs. Our cattle never eat grain. Instead we move them frequently so that they enhance rather than degrade the soil. We feed our pigs a diverse, organic diet.


We believe that incorporating organic, pasture-based meat and fats into our diet promotes optimal health. Also, good fats mean exceptional flavor. The deliciousness of our Beef and Pork reflects our passion for what we do. You can taste the difference. Slowing down to cook, share and eat what we and our fellow farmers produce has enriched our lives.


Joseph is a seventh generation Vermonter and farmer. Amy is a metal sculptor who hails from Washington State. After meeting at Dartmouth and spending our first years of marriage in Providence and Boston, we moved to Vermont in 2002. We have been living on the historic Eastman Farm with our three children Hugo, Genevieve and Horace since 2004. We are blessed in Barnard to be working closely with a group of farmers. Together we have forged cooperative relationships to provide a venue for Feast & Field, a celebration of life and the arts in an organically managed landscape.

Farm Fresh Tacos? Hearty Soups? At Feast & Field, Joseph and friends at Fable Farm cook up our beef, pork and neighbors’ produce into delectable dishes for sale. Feast & Field is where farmers in Barnard come together to craft a truly unique on-farm experience. Join your friends while enjoying top quality live music, ultra-local hard cider, tasty roasted meats and wood fired flatbreads. Bask in the beauty where most of the food and drink comes directly from the land around you. Come join us!

Just down the road from Feast & Field, our neighbors at Kiss the Cow Farm operate an honor store that stocks a selection of our products as well as many of their own.

Please see our price list below and email us at Meat@EastmanFarmVT.com for on-farm pick-up in Barnard, Vermont.


100% Grass-fed & Finished Belted Galloway Beef

Beef CutsPrice Per PoundPackage Weight**
Whole Tenderloin$223 – 4.5 lbs.
Strip Steak$17.50.75 lbs.
Ribeye Steak$15.501.5 – 2 lbs.
Hanger Steak$14.75 lbs.
Skirt Steak$141.5 lbs.
Flank Steak$131.5 lbs.
Sirloin Steak$11
1 lbs.
Chuck Roast$104 – 6 lbs.
Kielbasa Sausage*$111 lbs. (4 per pkg.)
Chorizo Sausage*$111 lbs. (4 per pkg.)
Shank$71.75 – 2.5 lbs.
Short Ribs$92 – 3 lbs.
Brisket$104 – 5 lbs.
Ground$71 lbs.
Bones$35 lbs.
Mixed Beef Box
may include:
5 lbs. Steaks
5 lbs. Braising Cuts
10 lbs. Ground
$9.75 ($195 per box)20 lbs.
Mixed Beef Value Pack
may include:
25 lbs. Steaks
25 lbs. Braising Cuts
50 lbs. Ground
$9.00 ($900 per pack)100 lbs.

*All our sausages and bacon are cured without nitrites or GMOs. Our beef sausages also contain our pork fat.


Pastured Heritage Breed Mangalitsa Pork

Pork CutsPrice Per PoundPackage Weight**
Bacon*$161 lbs.
Tenderloin$14.75 lbs.
Shoulder Roast$123 – 4 lbs.
Chops$101 – 1.5 lbs.
Ribs$91 – 2 lbs.
Loin Roast$103 lbs.
Ground Pork$81 lbs.
Sausage Links*
(Maple Breakfast / Sweet Italian)
$12.751 lbs. (4 per pkg.)
Leaf Fat$32 – 3 lbs.
Mixed Pork Box*
may include:
2 lbs. Bacon
3 lbs. Sausage
5 lbs. Hock, Ribs or Shoulder
10 lbs. Chops
$11 ($220 per box.)20 lbs.
Mixed Pork and Beef Box*$20520 lbs.

*All our sausages and bacon are cured without nitrites or GMOs. Our beef sausages also contain our pork fat.

Important Note: Package weights are approximate and may vary slightly from the above denominations.

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